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"Curt Monash's publications provide unmatched insight into
technology and marketplace trends. I have read them avidly for over a decade."

--Larry Ellison, Chairman
and CEO, Oracle

"Curt Monash possesses the rare ability to distill the essence of technological issues into understandable terms. He is particularly adept at melding a firm's product positioning, corporate strategy, and valuation parameters into a concise and coherent framework upon which one can make an informed investment decision. He is a trusted resource."
Matthew P. Kaufler, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Clover Capital Management, Inc.

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Monash Information Services is a highly acclaimed, independent analysis firm covering a wide area of the technology arena, including:

  DBMS-centric enterprise software, such as:

  • Business intelligence/Corporate performance management

  • Text search

  • Application development tools

  • Application servers and other middleware

  • Applications

  Information Security Technology

  Online services/E-business

Our principal competitive advantages are breadth of industry knowledge, depth of technical understanding, and unmatched experience in technology marketing, messaging, and strategic analysis.

Based on this analysis, we advise and provide specific other services to technology vendors, users, and investors.   We help vendors understand their strengths and weaknesses and align their competitive strategies accordingly.  We help users exploit the benefits of cutting-edge information technology in a realistic, cost-effective, pragmatic way.  And we help investors separate winners from losers.

Detailed information on about the services we provide.

A Sampling of Our Research 

DBMS (DataBase Management Systems) and DBMS Vendors

BI, CPM, EPM, and Analytic Applications  

Text Indexing and Search Engines

Information Security Technology

Marketing and Strategy for Enterprise Technology Companies  

The Problem of Spam

Information Refinement Technology in the Next Millennium: A White Paper Introducing the Element & Registry Architecture


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For more information, please contact Curt Monash or Linda Barlow.

To reach Monash Information Services by phone, please call 978-266-1815.



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