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"Curt Monash's publications provide unmatched insight into
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--Larry Ellison, Chairman
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"Curt Monash possesses the rare ability to distill the essence of technological issues into understandable terms. He is particularly adept at melding a firm's product positioning, corporate strategy, and valuation parameters into a concise and coherent framework upon which one can make an informed investment decision. He is a trusted resource."
Matthew P. Kaufler, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Clover Capital Management, Inc.

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Information Security Technology 

In 2002, we focused much of our research energy on information security technology   Some of our opinions on security are below. 

Security, Forensics, and Privacy in the Database

DBMS offer powerful, flexible security features.  These deserve more use than they get, in application areas ranging from OLTP to text search.   Most important, these features can go a long way toward providing the privacy assurances that will be needed for database integration projects in health care and homeland security.

The Future of Information Security, Part 1

The Future of Information Security, Part 2

In a two-part white paper, we spelled out our predictions for the evolution of security technology over the next few years.   Key conclusions included: 

Over the next 2-4 years, most of what we now think of as information security technology will merge into five classes of products: 

       Integrated security appliances

       Centralized network security management software

       Real-time identity management servers

       DBMS and database-related software, which will take significantly increased responsibility for ensuring information security.

       General client-side security products, whether software-only or hardware-based. 

By way of contrast, most other classes of security product will be marginalized, especially “point products” in categories such as firewalls, intrusion detection, or even antivirus.     


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