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"Curt Monash's publications provide unmatched insight into
technology and marketplace trends. I have read them avidly for over a decade."

--Larry Ellison, Chairman
and CEO, Oracle

"Curt Monash possesses the rare ability to distill the essence of technological issues into understandable terms. He is particularly adept at melding a firm's product positioning, corporate strategy, and valuation parameters into a concise and coherent framework upon which one can make an informed investment decision. He is a trusted resource."
Matthew P. Kaufler, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Clover Capital Management, Inc.
























This is Monash Information Services Not Monash University

If you're looking for Monash University in Australia, you've got the wrong website.   We get a lot of email asking us about our courses and how to apply.  You can't least, not for a university education!  Monash Information Services ( is a technology consulting company located in the United States.

To help you out, the main url for Monash University is

To find Monash University's A-Z index, click here.

To find Monash University's student information pages, click here.

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And yes, Curt Monash is distantly related to Sir John Monash, who founded Monash University.

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