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"Curt Monash's publications provide unmatched insight into
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--Larry Ellison, Chairman
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"Curt Monash possesses the rare ability to distill the essence of technological issues into understandable terms. He is particularly adept at melding a firm's product positioning, corporate strategy, and valuation parameters into a concise and coherent framework upon which one can make an informed investment decision. He is a trusted resource."
Matthew P. Kaufler, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Clover Capital Management, Inc.

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Text Indexing and Search Engines 

Integrating Text into an Enterprise IT Environment

This presentation gives a comprehensive overview of the issues involved in integrating text data into an enterprise IT environment.  Subjects covered include: 

  • How text indexing and search work – and what they assume

  • Fitting text into a traditional IT context

  • Sorting out your text application needs

  • Key considerations in text application architecture


Text Search:  General-Purpose DBMS vs. Specialty Search Engines

For most text search applications, we favor using DBMS as the underpinnings, rather than specialized search engines.  DBMS are competitive with search engines’ text-specific features, and superior in manageability.   This implementation choice also supports tight relational/text integration, which is important in a surprisingly broad range of applications. 


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