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Silly Limericks

Our Blondie-Bear shouted, "Enough!"
The Scoobies forget that I'm tough.
They think I can't fight 'em
I'll go back and bite 'em!
Unless...can I be in the Buff?

Ok, so it's true I'm love's fool,
And Buffy, my Slayer, is cruel
Let everyone mock me,
And strip me and sock me...
I'm BACK, Sunnydale, and I rule!

I once loved a Vampire Slayer
When she asked, I could never nay-say her.
She dumped me, I'm cryin'
For vengeance, I'm dyin'...
Well, I'm dead...but I'd still love to lay her.

"Bloody hell!" griped our favorite vamp.
This chip in my style puts a cramp.
Buffy gave me a happy
Then she treated me crappy
So I'm joining the Vader-ish camp.

All I'm sayin'...I'm right to be mad
Kick-the-Spike, yeah, there's fun to be had
Bloody Xander's a wanker
As for Willow, I'll thank her
To step aside...*I'm* the Big Bad.

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